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Invitation Fwd: Guest Chef Promotion at Prime Steakhouse
Monday, June 21, 2010 6:59 PM

From: "Arthur Morse"

Let's talk about the Economic Crisis

This is the third time that I've been delivering lectures on economics in daily life to the MCU students. Almost all of them are the Buddhist Monks from different countries, mainly Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. This year we've got 3 Thai monks which is quite a surpise to me. All have done quite well and very active. 

Stuff for Economics

Global Economics - Global Exchange: Free Trade & Protection

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"พอบูคลีน" เขียนโดย มนตรา เลี่ยวเส็ง

My most beautiful smile

Elephant mating

Elephant Mating by Montra Leoseng 

Since we’ve been told that elephants are endangered, therefore, the sight of elephants is supposed to be lucky. The sight of elephant mating is presumably too ambitious, not a very common sight to see until yesterday. We visited the elephant camp (17 April 2010) and found more than what we had expected - elephant mating!