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If - dedicated to the one I love. 

 On a fresh rainy day, someone deserves a special meal with jasmine flowers

and this very special song, dedicated to the one I love

- "If" by Nelson Del Castillo

(My thank goes to Rachel Reyes, the original youtube uploader).

 - Leaving for Wat Phra Sri Mahathat Bangkaen for giving alms and chanting before meeting up with her.

If by Nelson Del Castillo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6srUjP3PKc8

If you see that love shine through
Don't be afraid to show me that you care
And I will take all the doubts in you
And show you what to do 
And find a way to make you feel
That I am here ready to show you the way

So, if you say goodbye to me
Always remember this....
that woman you really mean more to me
And if someone else would come
I (hope/wish) it would be someone who will love you more
And will take care of you
Much more than I can do

Dreams are there for us 
Dreams are sometimes end
Don't ever think that I am just a dream

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