all the best to Dr.Willi Zimmermann

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To: "Montra Leoseng"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 2:29 PM


Good afternoon

We wish you all the very best, lots of health and success.

Attached is a picture of our last visitors - non-paying of course. We first thought of a visit from an Easter Bunny on its way back to Europe, but it turned out to be a couple from Bangkok, Mr. and Mrs. Pigeon. They seem to like our balcony. We take it as a good sign.

WiZi and EZi



Dear Dr. Willi, 

Thank you very much for your best wishes and such a lovely photo. It speaks volumes to me too. We hope you and Mrs. Zimmermann are doing well and have a wonderful time in Thailand. I am in the midst of so many projects as well as writing after having 10 years of health problem experience. It just ended about 10 months ago. A start of my new life is kind of fun and inside, you are always there with me. Thank you once again dr. willi for your advice and kindness.

With my best regards to you and Mrs. Zimmermann,







ใช้เว็บอะไรแต่งภาพครับ สวยดี

ใช้เว็บอะไรแต่งภาพครับ สวยดี น่าสนใจ

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