Elephant mating

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Elephant Mating by Montra Leoseng 

Since we’ve been told that elephants are endangered, therefore, the sight of elephants is supposed to be lucky. The sight of elephant mating is presumably too ambitious, not a very common sight to see until yesterday. We visited the elephant camp (17 April 2010) and found more than what we had expected - elephant mating!


Once the bull elephant detected ‘chemical love letters’ or a female pheromone, the extended mating ritual begins. However, elephant mating is not very easy. Those living stories from some great authors talk about a long biological journey to fertilization. They are more combative, full of fascinating mating games and highly confidential. Males conduct their courtship over a period of weeks, squirting females with water, bringing them food and generally proving how nice they are. There are some reasons that females always seek out the bulls in musth to mate with. We must not forget that only males of high genetic quality come into full musth which could be passed on the healthiest genes to the offspring.





Rose Kivi wrote an article “How Do Elephants Mate?”www.ehow.com/how-does_4574022_elephants-mate.html explained that when mating, the male elephant stands up on his hind legs and mounts the female elephant from behind. He holds on to her with his front legs and mates with her. The physical mating takes a few minutes. She also described the after mating behavior that after mating, the two elephants often spend time together touching each other with their trunks and even entwining each other's trunks in an embrace. The two elephants may spend as much as two weeks together before the male leaves to live apart from the females again. A male that is still in musth may go find another female to mate with.


 However, the reality of captive elephants is more like a nightmare. I heard soft cries in pain from a young female elephant after she served one after another, either younger or older bulls, by force. I’d hardly seen any courtship which is supposed to be last at least for several hours to a day. Worse than that, this was her very first time. She just reached her sexual maturity this year!

 What will happen when human try to change the rule of mating which eventually affects the mating behavior and attraction of those in captivity? I am not only talking about the survival of endangered species but also taking the evolutionary biology point of view into the consideration. The mating rituals are imperative to convey reproductive fitness. Animal liberation should be clearly addressed the natural mating principle to ensure the welfare of those in captivity in particular.

Let them love and to be loved in the most natural way. Let us start the intellectual voyage in the midst of the animal exploitation era. It's a slim chance, I know.


หัดใช้ปุ่มนี้ แล้วบล็อกจะดูดี

หัดใช้ปุ่มนี้ แล้วบล็อกจะดูดี มีความสุข

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