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Good evening venerables and most venerables, guests and students. I hope there are some students who would like to continue the discussion with me so let me open the floor for them. Sorry for having been too rush today. We were discussing about the biotic and abiotic factors with a short summary of Easter Island which was quite interesting to all of you as far as I can see.

Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the slides as planned and stopped at animal behaviors. So, what do you think, what's the role of tiger in the ecosystem?

Floor is opened now and you're my guest.


As the tiger is the king of

As the tiger is the king of forest, its role is to look after the forest like king who govern his people. The tiger helps to keep the control of population of animals by eating preys and keep the ecosystem in balance.

But nowdays tiger is not needed i think because the animals are disappearing by the human destruction to nature. Tiger itself also dissapearing like other animals. Now tiger responsibility is no more. Eventually the human role is imporatant in keeping the ecosystem in balance beacause we are master of them. We are responsible of everythings.

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