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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 1:29 AM

From: "Dr.Arthur Morse"


To: "Montra Leoseng"

Hi Montra,

I just checked and it was in June 2010 that we last had a conversation on email.  Almost half year ago!  How time flies when one is enjoying life and having fun!

I am fine and hope you are too.

Currently back again in Switzerland where it has been changeable weather, some nice days when I can do some walking and getting good exercise in the fresh air, but as I am writing this it is snowing again and lots more forecast overnight. The snow is earlier this year than in the past two years, which may bode well for the skiing season.
My apartment is let for visitors from Christmas through to mid March which is good news.

I am able to leave the Tidy company to my manager these days, there are difficulties due to problems in the factory in China which is delaying the delivery of a couple of containers but our sales are going well in the 25 department stores.  We will develop a new eCommerce website in January which should put us in much better shape for on line sales in 2011.

The English language company is doing OK and we hope to be able to sell our land in PKK early in the new year, which will bring in some cash to the balance sheet.  Our training courses are quite well received and we will be running courses for OCSC again starting in January.

I like it here in Europe and am pleased I can build a lifestyle that integrates Thailand and the wonderful life there with the completely different activities in Switzerland.

It is a pity that I will be away on 5 December again this year but I wish you and your family all the very best and hope to hear good news from you whenever you have a spare few minutes.  Sorry I must be one of the only people in SE Asia not to be on Facebook or on any of these social networking websites so it does mean that an sms or email is the
only way to reach me.

With my best regards,


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