Man and Society (the second assignment 10 marks)

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5 Jan 2011

Good evening venerables,

In the first chapter of man and society, we discussed a lot about the definition and an understanding of society, community and culture. Then comes to the social structure starting from the smallest unit of family, education, religion, economy, and government. We learned that the social stratification affected by ancestry, gender, education and race and ethicity. The social position ranking is based on these 3 factors: wealth, power, and prestige. We also talked about the social classes and type of societies. By the end of the day, I left you 2 questions. They are:

1. The media below presented variuos type of societies around the world represented by their people including minority groups and marginalized people. It mixed so well with  lyrics of the song which tried to talked about the social discrimination. The central idea we discussed last week. Please share your views on the need of considering the presence of "race and ethnicity" within the society in the modern era. A bit tough but please try.

2. Whether or not, social inequaltiy declines as a society industrializes?

I look forward to reading your thoughtful thinking and shared ideas. Please be reminded that your name and id number should be clearly mentioned rightafter your views.

Have a good night,


Name: Priyarakkhit (ID:

Name: Priyarakkhit (ID: 5201201082)


Thanks for the question. It is interesting to give some thoughts to it.

My answer to the question "Due to industrialization whether social inequality would decline  or not?" would be : Yes, social inequality will surely decrease a little because of industrialization in the society. But still discriminations continue to secure their positions in the industry itself among the members constituting the industrial community. Saying so, i have some points to put forward.

First of all, before talking about the prevalence of discrimination, i would like to say how it decreases when the society industrializes. Many people are recruited to work for the building of the industries. Most often, in this case the people/workers are not discriminated by religion, race, caste, or even sex, (sometimes age too). we can see mixture of people among the workers. So this means a big difference for a society where social inequality is prevalent. It also makes difference to the economic state of that society, besides the freedom of women to work and earn their own living. 

In talking about the prevalance of discrimination yet inside the industry, firstly i would like to say about the big posts in the office. Often in appointing officers, favour is given to those who have some strong background (financially, racially, position in the society, political power, relatives power etc..) without considering the ability and intelligence of the persons. Then, in some industries women are paid less than men. Then, positions of the workers are uplifted keeping racial or religious discrimination in the mind. So, if such types of discriminations prevail in the management of the industries, then that industry does not help the proper decline of the social inequality. Therefore, i say that there is ongoing inequality even after industrialization in the society.

But, i don't disagree that indutrialization doesn't decrease social inequality. It does at least a little to help it. What is more necessary is to develop an even attitude to all the members of the society without keeping in mind any discrimination of race, sex, religion, etc. It is better to judge people by their intelligence and abilities that are real and helpful for uplift. 

Well, The question is a

Well, The question is a critical one and the views articulated, in the above comment, are genius. I still gotta  add some of my views that I think will be interesting to be discussed

According to my point of view, Yes, industrialization in the society declines Social inequality or discrimination that prevails in an unindustrialized society. It actually does to certain extent but not entirely. As Ven. Priya Rakkhit has mentioned in his comment, still there remains the discrimination of positions and Money power. When we look into the the entire activities of an office or organization, we can see that, there is discrimination among employees and officers. Some are well paid though their work is not much difficult when rest are less paid though they work like machine without putting their legs together for the whole day. Isn't it some soft of discrimination / inequality in the eyes of society ? 

About the women of-course, they are treated as the second sex in the entire human society. Though the society has developed lot in industrialization still we can see that women are not given the place which they are worthy of or deserve it. They are ill-treated  in most part of the world. Though we can be certain of some fact ( ethniity, caste, race, complexion, appearance........... etc )  that can be declined by the industrialized society, yet we have to accept that, it brings out some other new form of inequality in the society, EX. 1.  Social class system   2. Maintanence of Senior and Junior etc.

As I believe, Its not the industrialized society that can Obliterate /erase the inequality of our society, but its the practice of Four Sublime States,{ 1. Loving Kindness (Metta) , 2. Compassion (Karuna), 3. Sympathetic Joy (Mudita), 4. Equanimity (upekkha), taught in buddhism } that definitely can destroy our social discrimination or inequality that exist in our human society.  We have to findout the root cause of the problem first, From where these discrimination arise, definitely from our hatred, ill-wil, craving, delusion etc.... So to eradicate the problems we have to eradicate their causes first.


By Ven. Suman Sraman ( ID 5201201086 )

Dear Ajarn! i have to say

Dear Ajarn!

i have to say Good morning firs tand im  sorry, i can not answer your question now, bc i have not  eough time and imformatio,attend the senimar also. i will try to answer.

quocphong tran id 5201201100

quocphong tran id 5201201100

Dear Venerable Quocphong

Dear Venerable Quocphong tran,

Good morning to you too. It came to my mind this morning that you all got quite a busy schedule over the last weekend. It completely slipped out of my mind. To be fair with you and other students, the deadline shall be extended to the end of this week.

Take your time. I look forward to learning and discussing with all of you.

Best wishes,


Ajarn, thanks a lot for the

Ajarn, thanks a lot for the post. I am one of the man from one of the ethnic groups; Marma in Bangladesh. The two questions about the race and ethnicity, and social inequalities help me to think a bit deeper of man and society and how man interacts with each other. I will try to share my views on discrimination, as a person from one of the ethnic group within the major Bengali society and other ethnic groups.


            1.This is the first question which you ask to share views on the need of considering the presence of “race    and ethnicity”. As a man from an ethnic group the answer from me will be “yes, we need to consider the presence of race and ethnicity within the society and among other ethnic groups.” I am not saying yes because i am one of the people from ethnic group and we should be considered equally but being a minority among the majority is difficult and painful. So the answer is coming from the painful experience of being minority among the majority. The painful experience of the minority can’t be felt by majority because they are majority and have not experienced such discrimination. I like to share one incident which happened to me.

      One day I went to an internet café in small town to check my mails from my brother which is owned by a Bengali Muslim. The café was busy with many customers so I had to wait for few minutes for the seat with my father. There was one little cute girl may be the daughter or neighbor of the owner about the age of five. Then I asked her in lovely and affectionate tune, Bengali language “Hey, what is your name”. I asked her in the way a senior asks to junior with polite and affectionate manner but the answer was not given as I expected from a little child of 5 years old. The answer from her was “Do you see this slipper” pointing the slipper at me in her hands. I and my father were totally shocked after hearing the reply from her. I think I could have given her a good slip if she is our ethnicity and region. What I think is the little girl is taught and poisoned by parents to hate the ethnic groups. If the elders in the majority are not taught to respect others and seniors disregard of gender, race and ethnicity to their siblings, so there will be continuous discrimination.  And the minority also will try to separate themselves from the majority and create conflicts and discrimination.

The need of considering the presence of race and ethnicity is because we want peaceful society living with everyone equally and harmoniously. We are one human family. We all are human being. We have feeling of pain and hurt. We have to think the way we feel the pain others also feel the same pain. Thinking in this way can make us as one human family. By discrimination to minority, majority does not become high but they are becoming low because they have low thinking for considering minority as low so to minority. Minority also should not try to separate from the majority. Minority living in one nation should think as one nation and act as we are part of the nation disregard of thinking we are different from the majority. Color, race, poor, rich etc do not make a human being low or high but the actions and speech make us low or high.


2. To the second question, yes due to development of industrializations in the modern time we have being developed different society which is different from the past years before industrialization began. The social inequalities decline as the industrialization develops rapidly. Now many opportunities are there for those who are capable. What I mean by capable is the use of own effort, intelligent, opportunity, etc, we can be what or who we want to be. Now we have the opportunity to get education, health care, freedom of speech, rights of voting etc. We have human rights which mean every human being has the right to do what the others do. We are born equally. Of course, this kind of idea also has developed in ancient time even in the Buddha’s time but due to limit of communication with each other this idea is not much put into practiced. The Buddha had preached the people that every human being is born equally. Everyone has the capabilities of achieving what one wishes to achieve. Now in the modern day a farmer child can become a professor, doctor, judge or even president of the country if the child is capable and have opportunities. A poor person can become a rich person if he is intelligent and active in works. So opportunities are open to all. There may be struggle to achieve high status because of ones bad background. There are many people still who don’t exercise human equal rights. Many women in some parts of the world are still looked down upon as low and incapable but it is declining gradually as the world globalizes day by day.

     But the sad thing is that the wealth is not distributed equally and much wasting of natural resources in the industrial society. The rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. The gab between rich and poor is widening. The capitalist wants to keep more money with them rather than sharing with the poor. Though many opportunities are opened to all but nothing can be done without money. The poor still have limits because of money problem.


sorry they are a bit long answers , ajarn...^^

                                                                                                                  Ankaching Marma(5201201084)

Dear Phra Ankaching

Dear Phra Ankaching Marma,

It's very interesting. Thank you for your life story. I read it very quickly but will do come again and read it carefully.


My answer would be neither

My answer would be neither Yes nor No.  Because as the time changes people also changes and so as their idea... According to me, when the industrialization started, the people needed to change their way of thinking and get together and work. Since this world (Phenomena) is impermanent (changeable).  It will sure bring some positive or negative changes. And the people in the industries are compelled to work together even though they had many social inequalities within themselves. Many people say that industrialization motivated decline social inequality but I say that it only inspired indirectly and this industrialization brought some changes but still there are many social inequalities in sex, race, religion, etc...  

Even today poor people and women are paid less salaries and looked down in many countries. Wherever we travel, we find social discrimination, people asking about country/religion, race, tribe, body figure, complexion or color and sex. No matter how much honest and simple are the people. They have less value in the society. As far as one has money, this money power gives little relief from the social inequalities.  Today many countries say that they have freedom but according to me they are not,“FREEDOM IS NOT FREE”. But I strongly believe that education and religion like Buddhism brought many changes in the social inequalities. It also gave a way to look in new angle and gave opportunity to show their talents and encouraged all the beings to be together ignoring social inequalities.


Name: Mr. Lham Tsering Tejo


My answer would be neither

My answer would be neither Yes nor No.  Because as the time changes people also changes and so as their idea... According to me, when the industrialization started, the people needed to change their way of thinking and get together and work. Since this world (Phenomena) is impermanent (changeable).  It will sure bring some positive or negative changes. And the people in the industries are compelled to work together even though they had many social inequalities within themselves. Many people say that industrialization motivated decline social inequality but I say that it only inspired indirectly and this industrialization brought some changes but still there are many social inequalities in sex, race, religion, etc...  

Even today poor people and women are paid less salaries and looked down in many countries. Wherever we travel, we find social discrimination, people asking about country/religion, race, tribe, body figure, complexion or color and sex. No matter how much honest and simple are the people. They have less value in the society. As far as one has money, this money power gives little relief from the social inequalities.  Today many countries say that they have freedom but according to me they are not,“FREEDOM IS NOT FREE”. But I strongly believe that education and religion like Buddhism brought many changes in the social inequalities. It also gave a way to look in new angle and gave opportunity to show their talents and encouraged all the beings to be together ignoring social inequalities.


Name: Mr. Lham Tsering Tejo


Phra Saykeo Santachitto ID.

devilPhra Saykeo Santachitto

ID. No. 5201201079

                From my view  

Good question will be good answer

Good teaching will be good action

Good family man will be good family

Good people will be good society

Good society will be good country


Thank you so much for your questions to me to explain about the social diversity in the new era at the present and can share knowledge what I see from your movie (Love is color blind) and what I see in different of socials and my experiences about social and problems of it as well   

First question from watching song the (Love is color blind), it is very good to explain about social diversity because of there are different people and social diversity in one song

The problem of socials are from many problems such as from incorrect managed of leader, depend on the areas and changed of the new era as well because of nowadays in living of people, benefit and development are changed from the old era, nowadays if one who is actives person they can develop what they want such as they can learn to get a good knowledge then they can develop themselves in living, thinking and others if those people know in changing the old to be new so those people, social, countries will be good and happiness as well, if one who cannot active or the leader do not change in envelopment in many sector they cannot change from what they want and what they have we can see at the present’s social or governments of the rich or prosperities countries in Asia such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Japan, Korea and others as well, for a long time those countries were poor in economic, management of the people’s living, education of student systems, communities with other countries and another sectors, those problems are solved by government that can know and understand how to solve the problems and development in the correct way, the government supported education such as building schools in every regions in the country and send students to learn in the prosperity countries then those students bring knowledge and experiences to teach people and develop together so those countries were changed from poor to be prosperity countries.

From the second, of course, because the term justice does not have for people in the social and at the present time, most of people work for owner benefits and social inequality declines are good opportunities in find out the owner benefits in using the people to work as well,

This question I want to prepare with the seller and buyer in the market or seven eleven like that, when the economic crisis the seller will set the price up or more expensive if not set price up the seller will be lost income such as yesterday sugar one kilogram equal 20 bath but tomorrow will be 25 baht the buyer cannot say any things because it is privilege of seller however, when the economic crisis the seller should not set price up this is not justice in the social and if social is no justice or correctly, the social inequality declines and the good opportunity will be owner benefits, nowadays one who is rich man or power man can do any things easily such as the government some country keep the privilege by own self such as government set tax up more expensive and one who want to export or import the goods must pay for tax a lots this is social inequality,

So I want to conclude the social inequality decline it depend on the owner benefits, it is no justice in social, the social cannot be democracy and not metta each other in living.

I believe that

I believe that industrialization brought some changes in social inequality. It paid way for new thinking by bring the people of difference race, caste, sex, religion, complexion, and level together in one place. This is also develop the idea of Unity and brought lots of improvements and taught a new way of life besides those entire discriminating world.  It also gave the idea of developing respect and earning by working together and developed a common sense.

As earlier there was lots of social inequality later when the industrialization era begins the common people has realize and saw the idea of working together and benefit of it.

But still we find there are lots of social problems…But since it has reduce after industrialization I would support the positive that Industrialization has  decline the social enqualities.

Name: Venerable Acchariya

ID: 5201201077

Human beings are born with

Human beings are born with these social inequalities. Since the people did not know the reality the people where in complete darkness. These social inequalities continue until a situation arose like people from different status, religion, sex had to work together. It lost is power when the new era begins (industrialization).  In order to achieve success, the people had to leave behind these social problems which worked as obstacle. This was the beginning of the eradication of social inequalities.


After this industrialization, we find many changes. People were united and gave a equal respect and worked friendly. These relationships not only develop inside but also it inspires the outside in the society. I think that Industrialization brought decline in social inequality in some extent but later education play a major role in fighting against the social problems found in the society. So, I conclude that decline of social inequalities begun at the time of Industrialization.


Name: San Di Mar

ID: 5201201072

According to my point of

According to my point of view, Yes, Social inequality surely declines industrialization in the society that prevails in an unindustrialized society into some extends but not all the time. When we look into the the entire activities of any office, we can see that, there is discrimination all around among the employees and the officers. Some employees are well paid although their work is not that difficult when rests are less paid although their works are easy. In a situation like this we will inequality will not decline that easily.

And we can’t always say that social industrialization will help to decline the social inequality entirely. Whatever comes whatever happens the conflicts or social in equality will still remain the same although there will be little changes within.

These days everyone talks about equality but how many people really want live equality. Putting a social industrialization doesn’t mean making an equality among the people, but it depends on how they deal with the people they deal.

There is another point to say that the more industrialization arises the more problems arises. Now the question will be how and why? I keep the questions with you all. Thank you Ajarn


Phra. Kaung Swee U Marma

ID: 5201201090

Even. U kovida ID. No.

Even. U kovida

ID. No. 5201201075


My answer as below


1.  This is the first question which views  the need of considering the presence of race human. Race human will need to consider the presence of race  society and among other ethnic groups. I would like to say that  because the people should be considered social inequality. I would like to consider the presence of race and ethtic.Human being  want to peace society living with everyone equally and harmoniously.I think  in this way can make us as one human family. By discrimination we are different from the color, race, poor and rich.

 2.  The second question to develop of industrializations we have being developed different society which is different from social industrialization. The socialinequalities decline as the industrialization develops rapidly. We can be useing of own effort, intelligent and opportunity. Now we have the opportunity to get education, health care, freedom in the society. We have human rights which mean every human being has the right to do. We are born equally. Therefore this kinds of societies have developed in ancient time even in the Buddha’s time. The Buddha had preached the people that every human being is born equally. Everyone has the capabilities of achieving what humen being wishe to achieve some levels. Now in the time poor humen beings  can become high levels to get opportunities. A poor person can become a rich person if he is intelligent and active in works. So opportunities are open to all. They may be struggle to achieve high status. But the sad thing is that the wealth is not distributed equally and much wasting of natural resources in the industrial society.




  ID:     5201201093

  Faculty:  of Buddhism

  Second year


 1.     Social inequality decline when the country industrialize there are three reasons as follow:


       The first of all, because it is a heavy industry, people need to have high technological science to research, discover and produce it. And then we must understand to use and protect those things so that social inequality decline because people are not the same scientist and the same perspective.


        The second, industry need a lot of investment capital to export, import thing into inside and outside the country, such as gasoline, and oil, fertilizers, iron, steel, insecticides, auto types and tubes, raw material and subsidiary material to produce tobacco, mini-auto, trucks, motorcycles, electronic accessories, so if we don’t have investment we will not achieve or success by our jobs, this is also a cause to do social inequality decline.


       The third, if the industry growth up or development is agriculture and handicraft also full down then people who work agriculture and handicraft to become poor, people work industry to became rich so it guide society no have inequality.


       Finally the countries develop industry people will divide tribe together and no have decency together.



  2.      This song is the same with dhamma of the lord Buddha talk; mean that we must use our object when we will do something, such as the object of meditation. And this song is meaning in meditation the same vedananupassa (mindfulness of feeling). Using Sati to complete or to know the condition of vedana. Ex: when you are happy or when dukkha arises, you use sati to complete to know what is the cause if that happiness or that suffering. Vedana arises from the six sense doors ex: hearing, seeing, tasting, contacting, etc… you will be able to know and get clear understanding of that vedana. Sati clearly know what you are feeling at that moment, the important thing is to complete continuously

      Name: Nagasen




Name: Nagasen sraman

ID        : 5201201099

Ajarn this is my first responds  to the first question.

 1."Race and ethnicity" within the society in the modern era.

There are many racial groups of people are to be found in the world. So when the minority of them, settled in a country of majority of one race, often not given equal rights. Then, the discrimination of race causes disharmony and leads to brutal fighting and bloodshed.

The song “Color Blind” brings us an important message that we should not discriminate the people just because they are black or white. But we should rather think that all of us are human beings.

The love of a mother to her son is the same love of a mother of any race. By considering the reality wisely one can realize that the racism is futile.

In the modern era, because of the globalization and education many of the people don’t care in racism and instead value in love. The couple gets marry. Therefore, there are children who are born cross.



Ashin Visuddha ID -

Ashin Visuddha

ID - 5201201088


I woulk like to say thank you for your sujection or asking to discussed  about these two questions and   these men and society, your web and questions are very interesting,   

Ethnicity is defined in terms of shared genealogy, whether actual or presumed. Typically, if people believe they descend from a particular group, and they want to be associated with that group, then they are in fact members of that group. Ethnicity connotes shared cultural traits and a shared group history. Some ethnic groups also share linguistic or religious traits, while others share a common group history but not a common language or religion.

An ethnic group or ethnicity is a population of human beings whose members identify with each other, on the basis of a real or a presumed common genealogy or ancestry. Often brutal conflicts between ethnic groups have existed throughout history and across the world. But most ethnic groups in fact get along peacefully within one another in most nations most of the time. Ethnic groups distinguish themselves differently from one time period to another. They typically seek to define themselves but also are defined by the stereotypes of dominant groups.

Racial categories presume a shared genealogy, although this often is not the case. Most races actually share multiple genealogies with significant cross-over. Race presumes shared biological or genetic traits, whether actual or asserted. Scientific measures of race are exceedingly problematic to verify. Most racial categories are defined by governments - not by scientists.

The term race refers to the concept of dividing people into populations or groups on the basis of various sets of physical characteristics. However, it is usually governments that decide on the racial categories in a given country. In 19th century, the concept of nationalism was often used to justify the domination of one race over another within a specific nation.

Industrial Societies and Social Inequalities

 A profound transformation of inequality regimes is now underway in advanced societies toward the emergence of knowledge as a stratifying principle. Although absolute poverty still existed in even the richest countries, the material standard of living for most people improved almost without interruption and often very rapidly for forty-five years. However, none of these important developments are reflected in prevailing conceptions of social inequality. Class analysis for example appears to have fallen into disrepute.

The varied contemporary theoretical efforts concerned with social inequality various versions of Marxian theory, approaches in the Weber an tradition, are first and foremost reflections of forms of social inequality in industrial societies. The historical specificity is quite appropriate.


By Upakhapal Sraman ID.

By Upakhapal Sraman ID. 521201085

Thanks Ajahn It is great to share my idea with all


Nowadays we can see many different types of groups and surprisingly racism has become a common ideology among the human or human society. It is not only in present but it was started long ago. We read that at the time of the Buddha in Indian society there were four groups or castes of people. But today it has developed a lot people started   discrimination with each other in color and complexion.

I think the song color blind is a significant message by the writer to stop discrimination others and he tried to show the equality among all. In beginning of the the song the writer sent the message that he needs our help to solve a serious situation.  There are many different people with different in color, height, in appearance etc.  The song explains that no matter whether black, white, red, brown or yellow but we are human. People discriminate each other even just for fun. Whatever we do however we act will have a return of that action in future. Why should we blame or insult another when we we live our own life and everyone as same I do. Nobody is should be blamed for the way they are. If we live in this way there will arise love in each others. Why should we consider the color when we bleed the same blood? We can make this a better

Hello Ajarn, This is

Hello Ajarn,

This is Ven.

Ashin Gandasara
ID 5201201073

Ajran thanks you for your question that's is very interesting to thoughts.

 At the unity of man and society A person's whole intellectual make-up bears the clear imprint of the life of society as a whole. All his practical activities are individual expressions of the historically formed social practice of humanity. The implements that he uses have in their form a function evolved by a society which predetermines the ways of using them. When tackling any job, we all have to take into account what has already been achieved before us. Culture and religion are thought to play a role in creating inequality by either encouraging or discouraging wealth-acquiring behavior, and by providing a basis for discrimination.  In many countries individuals belonging to certain racial and ethnic minorities are more likely to be poor. Proposed causes include cultural  differences amongst different races, an educational achievement gap and racism.

Often assume that human beings have natural social tendencies and that particular human social behaviors have non-genetic causes and dynamics.  They are learned in a social environment and through social interaction.  Societies exist in complex social environments with natural resources and constraints and adapt themselves to these environments. It is thus inevitable that all societies change.
Specific theories of social or cultural evolution are usually meant to explain differences between coeval societies, by positing that different societies are at different stages of development. Although such theories typically provide models for understanding the relationship between technologies, social structure, or values of a society, they vary as to the extent to which they describe specific mechanisms of variation and change.

absolutely. perfect

absolutely. perfect thought.......I'm nadee's mother...@ ceylon

Hello Ajarn, This is Jino. =>

Hello Ajarn,

This is Jino.

=> The song that you asked us to have look is a nice song and writer is giving a message saying about the differences of people that are found in this world. But the thing that bounds people is not their complexion but its love that binds all the people no matter what they look alike or what they do and so on, and this is what the song really wants us to get from it. 

  Earlier in the ancient times, the discrimination regarding the races of people were strict and many people had to undergo many difficulties, and still it is a problem but not like that of the olden times. These days because of the modernization and industrialization of the society, the society has changed a lot and because of the change in the society, some norms and cultures also have changed, therefore the modernization of society has helped in a way to the discrimination of people. And also the involvement of the some religion has also helped, as we can see in the Buddhist text, where the Buddha ordains any human being if he really wishes to get ordained into the Sangha without any discriminations, and the Buddha also says that "By birth one is not an outcaste, By birth one is not a Brahmin; By deeds alone one is an outcaste, By deeds alone one is a Brahmin." Therefore, along with the development of the society and religion the percentage of discrimination has reduced. 

   And lastly, and its love that keeps the relationship strong, relationships are always an important part of life, I mean all relationships - friendship, love, marriage, relationship by choice, relationship by birth and anyone who is really in this kind of relationship knows what is that thing that keeps their relationship thick and go deeper into it and they know that it’s so precious. And this is what the writer of the song is trying to interpret from it.

=> As I have said earlier in the second paragraph, that it’s also because of the development of the society i.e., modernization and industrialization, which has helped to change the shape of the society by bringing new norms, culture, way of living etc, by eliminating the old ones. And when these things changed then people starts to forget the old ones by slowly getting adopted to the new ones.

  As we know that during the ancient times in India, discrimination regarding the races among people was a very strong practice, and many factors have helped to change this practice. Firstly when the British empowered India, then it made the Indian people to get united among themselves, that is to fight for the freedom by getting united, because by then the problem was the British rule and they had to fight for it by getting united and then only they could gain their freedom and because the British had noticed this kind of problems it made them easy to conquer India and made the Indian’s realize this. And when India got together and fought for their freedom then they got their freedom and by then they had started to live together and it started to change the shape of the society’s norms. So in the same factor, when the industrialization and urbanization started to take place then people from all direction started to migrate to the cities and lived and worked all together forgetting their old norms, and with the drastic and more development of urban cities it made more changes and has helped to lower the percentage of caste or race discrimination problems. 

Therefore I think that the development of industries and cities will help to eliminate the problem of race discrimination but it can give rise to new problems.

Thank you.

ID:5201201099 Ajarn this my


Ajarn this my second respond to the second question.

2. Whether or not, social inequality declines as a society industrializes?

According to my point of view yes it has helped to certain aspects. And we cannot expect to be better quickly. But we can expect the social inequality to be declined bit by bit. So I have categorized three factors to be discussed:

1. Race relation

2. Culture

3. Gap between rich and poor

1. Race relation: If we consider the situation of societies in the past and now we see the huge differences. The modern society mainly relay on commercial business. Therefore, there are many industries like hospitals, factories, schools, Garments, organization and community and cultures and face book. So these things are building to connect people as a communal. So people are needed to run these industries. For example in the time of the so called sudras were treated like slaves and worse than animals. But in modern days societies there is a mutual race relation with each other.

The gender is not a matter in a company instead talent is important. Previously the sex division was very common and women were not given rights like nowadays. A female is able to work if she has the ability.

2. Culture: When we look at the culture of particular groups that are to be respected by us too. So because of the society’s industrializations one is capable to share his or her belief and one’s way of life.

When the respecting and tolerance is shown to some one’s religion then there will be peace and harmony.

Because of the society industrializes there are NGO organizations. Those NGO organizations are the example to show where they work to decline the social inequality.

3. Gap between rich and poor: The society is facing the problem of rich and poor. But when one has some thought on this point one will see that social inequality remains to some extent. The wealthy countries can enjoy more than the poor countries.

The greed, hatred and imitation have to be avoided if one wants to see the social inequality.



ID No: 5201201081 Man has

ID No: 5201201081

Man has been influenced and is still being influenced by his social environment in the following ways:

1 . He obeys existing laws and customs of his community.  Before man is born, there are already existing rules and customs in his community.  To fit in properly into such community man is bound to observe them.
2 . Man conforms to the modes of worship in his society.  Though, there is freedom of worship but most of the religions man subscribes to are already there before he was born.
3 .  Man enjoys the pleasure of what exists around his environment, such as the type of food and drinks that are produced in his environment.  He also adapts himself to the trend of fashion in his society.

Every society has a language of communication. Therefore, man speaks the language that is already in use by the people of his society.
 Today, as a result of how man influences his environment and vice versa, man has been able to discover various ways of alleviating some of the numerous problems he is surrounded with.  Examples of such problems include: communication, transportation, clothing, shelter, food, medical services, just to mention but a few. Human families will continue to experience more changes as a result of their unlimited wants, needs and desires in a bid to make life more enjoyable and comfortable


Social inequality affects the social industrialization, one reason here is the poverty. It is like in a community as we observe those elite family their friends also same their status, It is very rare to see them having friends with low class.

 In some some matters there is also unjust treatments like for example in dealing with peers there is a big different treatment. We can experience this in school like for example those students having parents working in an office or parents having stable job the treatment of the teacher is very different with those students having parents with common work or farmers. Because of this it gives big impact to an individual behavior.

In some business matters there is what we call special treatment for those people with higher position in the government .This policy is not good because it will lead to abuse. They will use their authority which leads to bad habits. And what will happen to common people in the society they just keep ignorant.

First  answer on “ Love is

First  answer on “ Love is the color blind song”


The song on “love is color blind” is I think. The writer of this song wanted to bring out and show about many differences between the discriminations and caste situations that are happening around the world or may be in the USA. Writer wants to tell and remind us that we should not discriminate or say to any people whether he is black, he is white and he is good he is bad and also he came from rich family and he came from poor family. If this is done or said by oneself to others, it is a kind of humiliations.  So we need to take consideration before doing or saying to others what is good and what is bad.


In love, sex, caste system and etc, there would not be any discrimination according my understanding from this song. May be this writer wants to show the loves in differences between white man and black man that are having and facing lots of problem in the USA. According my point of views, love should not discriminate. As in the song said: “it doesn’t matter if you are black, white or yellow, if you are brown or red (it don’t matter)” and the writer also wants to give the ideas that we should not blame each other we should just live as we are. And also Writer wants to bring out we are all brother, sisters and relative. All that matters is the every end, is to understand love is color blind.

Finally writer of the color blind wants to carry a message with us to the world that we should take and tell every boy and every little girls, be  to proud of yourself cause you are good as anybody else. And we have to make this world a better planet without a racial curse.

This is second answer of

This is second answer of mine.


Ajarn, It is a good question on “whether or not, social inequality declines when the country industrialize” Why?




From my point of view, I would like to answer as much as I can. Since we know that this world is developing faster and faster with the industrializations.  So there in the societies, many inequalities arise and can be seen in every corner of the world and also people are facing their lives with many difficulties such as in earning, educating and with many other things which come under their living. Even in the ancient times of the Buddha, we know that there were much social inequalities that people had to face and what they have got from the societies in those days. To live in this industrializing world we need to be educated otherwise those who are educated already and got the good jobs and got good income, they don’t want to give something they have to the poor people. That is why many social inequalities occur in ever part of the world.



Here what I am going to tell is that social inequality declines when the country industrialize because there arise many discriminations, corrupted events, fighting, gambling, and caste discrimination. Even we can see when some people become rich, they don’t want to share their wealth and also most of the rich people always look down up the poor people. So in this way, many of the poor people get less share and lees earnings. Not only that, even people become selfish, had greedy and proud etc. friendship lost communication disturbance. The more a country industrializes the more social inequality can be seen in every corner of the country. Some of the rich people those have become millionaires with the industrialization, they want to have their wealth, shares and whatever incomes they get only for/with their children and relative. They don’t like to give and don’t want to be seen other people becoming rich like them. Poor people, they get much less than the rich people get. So in this way, social inequality declines when the county industrializes.



These are all my ideas in brief shot and sharp. I think I have answer and gave enough ideas on the social inequality.


What I would like to share

What I would like to share .............................

If we look at different culture and society, we can still see racism or
social discrimination underdevelopment condition situation at some societies and countries. In the past race and ethnicity are very bad  within the society in American especially between black and white people. Based on social problem racism made American  into civil war. After long fighting for equal right which is given for all human beings people started to understand that everyone has the same freedom and equal rights. But unfortunately, it is difficult to say that everyone has full understanding on these issues. Therefore, there are still many social problems around the world.

Here I would like to say honestly these social problems or racial discrimination in my own country, Myanmar known as Myanmar. Even modern day we live, these problems still exist in Myanmar. There are seven main race groups in Myanmar like Kachin,Kayah,Karea,Mon,Bamar,Rakhine and Shan officially agonized by government. For example you can see that there are many ethnic groups who are fighting against the ruling Burmese government including KNU (  Karen National Union )   is a political organization with an armed wing, the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) that represents the Karen people of Myanmar, Shan State Army-South(SSA-S) for Shan ethnic groups of people etc.. Many ethnic group of people feel that they are treated unfriendly between them. sometimes this problem comes out of society. To solve these social problems we need more education, understanding each other, open- mind, knowledges as well as development of lives in every society.

To be equal between all nations is difficult answer because our the way of lives are  based on different culture and beliefs.even thought we are the same human beings so social inequality can be found at  part of the world. In some societies, cultures and life condition  make people different from others. For example the situations of  people who are under the military government are different from people who are under democracy government. In the world, no all countries are democracy systems and no the same religions and beliefs.

I believe that industrializes are acceptable human development. Somehow it brings us together into society and we become to know better by these industrializes developments.

 Whatever we are different in culture, belief, race, color, gander etc, we are the same because we have the same felling and the same life.

                   May everyone have equal life under the sun !




                                       Dear Ajarn, this is my answer  to share something by personal views following:

              * Views on the need of considering the presence of "race and ethnicity" within the society in the modern era.

              By the song they try to explain about the different kinds of people in this world: black,white,, poor... and important are different race and ethnicity in the world's society but all we are human and live on the earth together. We can discuss this song two ways: good and bad, but i think should be good way. Meant of the song is human bieng in the world can live together by love. Because when peoples love, they will not care about race and ethnicity, minority groups and marginalized, realy they do not care about bodies, colors, rich, poor... They love by heart understand and trust together.Now, in the modern era "race and ethnicity" is not a problem, i think.

              Race and ethnicity just a blame for know who they are? where they from? who are you?....not important. The important is minds inside bodies. Discrimination is not arised from  the bodies, everything belong to the minds. The first story in dhammapada the Buddha said:" All the phenomena of existence have mind as their precursor, mind as their supreme leader, and of mind are they made. If with an impure mind one speaks or acts, suffering follows him in the same way as the wheel follows the foot of the drawer (of the chariot). So that we are Buddhist, we should to practice loving kindness or compassion and practice meditation kept  mindfulness everytime to control the mind  exit from race and ethnicity. Non-Buddhist also human being should to live together as human and applies the human knowledges.

               * Social inequality declines as a society industrializes?

                Exactly, i don't the answer for this question, but my personal views, i say no. Why? Because industrializes is the way to earn more money, may be need to work hard and limited by knowledges. Why the human society had inequality? We can say because peoples have different background: gender, education, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, complexion colors, and also politics and government. When industrial developed how can the farmer live? and how can farmer change to work industrial by the farmer knowledges?. Only one way is study, is easy or not for farmer? I think is hard or con not for farmer. And how about other job? what about global warming? May be it make more inequality put out to societies.

                The best way to declines this problem is education. Knowledges is the most  important , when you have enough knowledge, you can help yourself, not belong to other so the problem can decines.But the Buddha said in pali text: Attahi attano natho ....'The self is its own refuge, for who else could be refuge?'. For example: In studies, how can you get diploma if you not study.

Dear Ajarn, by what point of

Dear Ajarn, by what point of views I would like to discuss? As follow;


By watching this song, I have to write about man and society that is really interesting not only me but also others because of all living in society.

In this case, this world can be divided as man and society. What does man means? According to this song, the meaning of man can be thought that man is different kind of colors, levels, and positions from different part of all over the world. Some people in higher situation started their living life without worry to eat, live, learn, and health as well in the higher countries in other hand, some people started living in lower situation in which money, foods, education, and health are very difficult for them to lead to higher position.

If we see man’s meaning from point of view of the Buddha, that meaning can be understood like intelligent person who analyzes case and effect, good and evil, and benefit or no called man or woman. In this case we can see there are no white and black color, rich and poor, and high and low person and also no racism. It made the same level no different each other, lead to social development and the world peace wanted by all over the world.

Man and society are depending on each other like water and lotus in the lake. Society to be developing or not, bases on people achieving such as local wisdom, experience, believe, character, leadership, family, community, society, culture and custom, and social problem. A society is combined by people therefore each one keep them better wilily, will develop society as well.

*Attanan rakkhando paran rakkhati* was said by the Buddha for society.

It means if I am looking after myself, it will help others, society, country, and the world because of everyone is one of them.  

                             Ven; pannalinkara       ID;5201201080

Home work Subject : Man and

Home work

Subject : Man and society

Ven : kim mai linh

ID : 5201201095

1.  We listen sing  color blind  .it have  mean many thing and more understand this sing want to say about  people live in the society  and our life  .But in there we want say  about color  it is  individual  Some of the inherited diseases known to cause color blindness are:

1 .Conedystrophycone-rod dystrophyachromatopsia (aka rod monochromatism, akastationaryconedystrophy, aka cone dysfunction syndrome)

2 .Blue cone monochromatism,

3.Leber's congenital amaurosis.

        TheColor codes present particular problems for those with color deficiences as they are often difficult or impossible for them to perceive.

Good graphic design avoids using color coding, or uses color contrasts alone, to express information as this not only helps color blind people, but also aids understanding by normally sighted people.

          Designers need to take into account that color-blindness is highly sensitive to differences in material. For example, a red-green colorblind person who is incapable of distinguishing colors on a map printed on paper may have no such difficulty when viewing the map on a computer screen or television. In addition, some color blind people find it easier to distinguish problem colors on artificial materials, such as plastic or in acrylic paints, than on natural materials, such as paper or wood. Third, for some color blind people, color can only be distinguished if there is a sufficient "mass" of color: thin lines might appear black while a thicker line of the same color can be perceived as having color.

When the need to process visual information as rapidly as possible arises, for example in an emergency situation, the visual system may operate only in shades of gray, with the extra information load in adding color being dropped.[citation needed] This is an important possibility to consider when designing, for example, emergency brake handles or emergency phones.

           In the life of every body  meet  mean of life  have sad and happy   are normal  when  we meet  it  and understand  tru e life of society .

It should be obvious there are several different kinds and degrees of color vision deficiencies. Protanomalous or deuteranomalous individuals can usually pass as a normal observer in everyday activities. They may make occasional errors in color names, or may encounter difficulties in discriminating small differences in colors, but usually they do not perform very differently from the normal except on color vision tests.
The protanope and deuteranope, on the other hand, can be severely color deficient. The real problem, as a protanope or deuteranope may see it, is there are far too many hue names (color names) used by most people without any obvious basis for using one instead of another. Why call something "orange" when it doesn't look different in any way from something else called green, tan, beige, or any of several other color names

. Sociol inegrality declines when the country industrialize? why

When our country industrialize  are social inegrality  with mean something   :  Because the boss of  industrialie company to the woker do work more time  and  give little money  and meet problem about healthy not good  their life and  more hard . The society development  industrislize  the boss have not  meta , karuna to the work.

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