Award Celebration Lunchoen with KU Friends

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A memory of how lovely they are....


From: Yukolwadee Wattanapruk

Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2011 18:30 To: Kittisattho Sompit; jarintorn.wichaidit   Cc: montra
Subject: Lunch on Sunday with Ajarn Poom

Hi Tor and Pop

Please join us for lunch with Ajarn Poom, at PolaPola, 12:30hr this Sunday 31st naja.

Ajarn Poom will have her own award book to share, this is very interesting!

@ Tor, I don't have email for many friends like sak, kee, toom and ton-tai. Could you help me to forward naja.

Only ladies above is around my life really...

P.S. Tow will join this celebration event especially for Ajarn Poom na.

See you all ja



P'Ta and P'Tuk, twins


From: Kittisattho Sompit

Sent: 2011 Jul 28 11:16 PM To: montri; tumtatong; utaweesak; bobbyvet54; cho.tikorn; utaweesak; varuntron; nipon
Cc: tuk; Jarintorn; montramale; nutchichan k
Subject: FW: Lunch on Sunday with Ajarn Poom

Dear lovely friends,

Let’s join lunch @ PolaPola, 12:30hr this Sunday 31st if you’re available and wanna see AJ.Poom.

Confirm by return ASAP naja ‘cos I’ve to booking.



With p'Tor @ p'Kee's wedding party in Korat


RE: Lunch on Sunday with Ajarn Poom
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 Friday, July 29, 2011 10:47 AM

Hi Tor,

I confirm ja. Thanks for your arrangement naja.

Hi N’AJ Poom ,

Congratulation for your big success !!! Not easy to have your own book to tell the story since normally you have many many stories to share . The difficult part is which one is selected.

I’m curious and eagerly to read it … (Even the way to tell story verbally already interesting)

Best Regards,


P'pop in action... oh! dear



FROM:nutchichan k  Friday, July 29, 2011 11:17 PM                                                 Dear All,

Wow firstly, have to say congratulations to N'Poom well-done my good girl. I really wanna join and hear many stories from you which is always interesting and funny :)
Unfortunately, I still in Perth on that day but do you mind to make an appointment again in next month 'cos I plan to visit home during Aug 14 - Sep 11 but I still don't know my free time yet 'cos have lot of things to do and my mum want me to go many places. So, I will contact you guys again once I get to know my schedule and let's meet up, miss all of you really wanna chat and eat original Thai food.
Enjoy your lunch on this coming Sunday and have a lot of fun.



Members of our gang

Dare to do!

Master of Ceremony (MC) as usual.....

P'Ta's Wedding in 2008


Home Gathering in 2005

Koh Kham in 2004

In the most beautiful environment of Monkey Island, I still kept busy with my own thesis since early morning

.....poor me

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