How the flood damages ecosystem and its impact on MCU

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How the flood damages ecosystem and its impact on MCU         

Phra Ashin Nyanika, Myanmar 

 Flooded Memorial Days at MCU

In this paper, I would like to express, from ecological point of view based on my own flooding experience, how the flood damages ecosystem and its impact on MCU campus, my university as much as I have seen and understood while living with flood there.


An ecosystem means all the plants and living creatures in a particular area in relation to each other and to their environment. In short, an ecosystem is made up of living things and non-living things.

As ecosystem depends on interdependent relationship, the working process of system is very essential and important and it must be balance systemically so that it can carry on its function correctly bringing living things and non-living things together without any serious problem between their relationships.

But when unexpected things such as the flood, fire and earthquake happen suddenly, it can damage the ecological process in several ways. As a result, the whole system can be damaged, broken up linkages and produced negative impact.


 A few weeks before the flood at MCU, led by Ajran Montra Leoseng, a lecturer in Buddhism & Ecology, (on 28, Sep 11) we 3rd year students went on an educational trip to Namtam San forest to study about ecology. Now as a flood victim at MCU, I have witnessed the importance of ecology and the evidence how the ecosystem can be damaged and its impact in sudden changes.

As I have observed when the flood beings to hit this area at the second week of October heavily, different beings face various difficult situations. In my case, I had to move my belongings to safety place, soon later water reaches all rooms at ground floor including mine. It is needless to say that how the flood affected residents suffer challenging new problems losing their properties even they can’t stay at their own homes, move somewhere and take refuge where relief are provided.

Since flood, MCU is playing an important role as a flood victims’ home giving shelter, food, medicines, health care etc in needs. Having MCU here is so lucky and beneficial for local residents. On the other hand, with large number of people, environmental problem arises such pollution and crowded in certain location.

To take an example concerning its impact, before the flood at MCU, there is no rat, mouse and other new insects in my room but now there are many of them there since the flood comes. The reason is that when the whole landscape is covered with the floodwater, they have to run and find new shelter for their lives. By this way, they immigrate to my room


Another big trouble is that it is not easy for them to get food since all surrounding fields are flooded then they become so hungry also may be so angry due to nothing to eat at all in my room. For that reason they start to bite my books, materials made in wood, clothes and robes. Within a short time, the room where has already enough dirt since water inters is getting more dirt with rubbish and bad smell. You know, I am not quick sure whether they eat or just bite these things. Anyway, I try to recognize them as the flood victims like me.

Now let’s look at the plants, to know what happened to them, I have taken plenty of morning and evening walks around the university compound. As you know, at MCU most of plants are still young just in new plantation, not enough strong to fight their enemies therefore unfortunately they lost a battle with the flood.

Besides, there is a garden near hostel where different plants are grown and kept for plantation. This garden is completely destroyed. During the flood period, flowering plants, trees and green grass lands have been under the floodwater for long. At last, many of them never wake up again in half dying, drying, fallen down even well grown trees.

At the same time, many insects and species such as birds, bees, butterflies, grasshoppers and ants have been disappeared. In other words, various species population and communities have been lost and brought away with the flood. From ecological observation, that is a great lost.

It can clearly be seen that how the ecosystem at MCU has been damaged and can be broken badly by the flood.

Now you can imagine in your mind what MCU will look like: around the compound- rubbish, garbage collections, dirt, bad smell water, mud on grass lands, buildings in dirt, damaged materials, broken and dying trees here and there.

It can take long time to make full recovery of damaged ecosystem and to become normal atmosphere again ecologically at MCU.

As I have experienced, it can be easily understood that being a part of ecosystem, we are unable to escape from its positive or negative impact. In fact, we are affected directly or indirectly in this kind of situation.

Although the flood is a kind of natural disaster, somehow we human beings are involved in the case according to cause and effect, Buddhist Kamma Theory. So we are strongly advised to be careful and aware of our actions and activities as well as mental in order that we are not harmful to ourselves and ecosystem environmental ethically.


it gave me wild knowledge of

it gave me wild knowledge of ecosystem and how it affectd to all being! thank so much.



Ajarn, thnak for

Ajarn, thnak for everyting:

without having you as a teacher, my idea wouldn't come out. Even I don' think I would think about the event from eclogical point of view.

Sadhu. I also wrote something

Sadhu. I also wrote something on "who can be a teacher?"

Here you are....

A teacher doesn't mean a person who possesses certain knowledge but having one little thing called "empathy" which means the ability to bond with your students, to understand and resonate with their feelings and emotions, to communicate on their level, to be compassionate with them when they are down and to celebrate with them when they are up.

If you think you are always above them, how can you develop "an empathy" and how can you be a teacher of someone....

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